Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great Expectations from Barack Obama

Welcome Barack Obama welcome. You are thoroughly a man of your time. We have seen many American blacks holding the highest post only in cinema. But you are making history on Tuesday as America's first black president not in reel but in real. The moment you take oath by placing your hand on a bible which was used by Abraham Lincoln in 1861 sets great expectations not only by your citizen but by the rest of the world. Lincoln , having complex relationship with Blacks, had a vision of America that was largely a White one. Will you be able to bring an end to the racial segregation policies, the ongoing wars and the recession??? It is not new to mention that whatever happening in U.S. of America has great impact to the rest of the world!!! Will you be able to create jobs for hundreds of thousands of people whose jobs die out because of the economic collapse just before you win the election??? Will you be able to bring back the spirit of unity among your country fellow??? You should pledge us to faithfully execute not only the office of president of the United States, but also safeguard, shield and defend the rest. You are going to fulfill what Martin Luther King Jr had once dreamt of. You can only do so much by taking responsibility.