Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Hasbian or Wasbian"

It was terribly hot outside, light was out,... I was lethargic enough and no one would dare enough to move out under the scorching sun. At that wee hour, She came with a bag full of chains, pendents and rings and many more. Sat nearby me and cried loudly.

"Dada, please keep this bag with you, and don't let him know that this bag is with you!"

When she was 16, she enjoyed her best part of life. As it happened, helping one of her friend in meeting their lover dragged her life into trouble. As usual, she was helping them in their liaison on that day too. Those two love birds were supposed to elope on a particular day. On that ill-fated day, when the guy turn up with full preparation with three four friends along, her friend didn't turn up. As face saving, the guy eloped her instead after much fight and persuasion...this and that...

Though rich, she belongs to a lower social strata. The guy whom she eloped belongs to a higher class and was also very rich. After their marriage, the guy was sent for further studies outside, leaving her alone at home. Her in-laws tortured like anything, and didn't let her communicate with outside world. After much fight, she returned back to her parents place, and waited her husband for a pretty four years. But when her husband returned back, refused to owe her as his wife, doubting and blaming against her innocent character.

From that moment, she has been playing only one game "fake love-part time marriage". Now she is 28, and quite experience in flirting men of all kind. Her phone won't stop ringing until she switched off.

One thing I admire most is her sincerity to me. One Rakhsha Bandhan day, she came to my place and took my blessing.

"Dada you are the only one in my life now, who can look after and taken care of me when I am in need"

Many times, I had discussions with her, about life, future etc. She cried a lot, lamented but I can't remove the hatred for society and men from her mind...