Tuesday, June 30, 2009

...that stream is stagnant now...

Its late, but still trying to figure out why am feeling restlessness! Tried to close my eyes in this big, cool and silent room. Something missing? right? Must be feeling uneasiness without a call or a talk...but I can neither confess nor admit at all. I am yet to recover from the big fat liar...

Someone has drawn a line, not to cross, or never to try.

I never used to be like this...ok now I admit. Loosing temper and shouting at every time...do I...really???
A relationship must bring out the best in between the two love, but in my case it seems that I just bring the worst in her. And I can't handle it anymore...So all I can say is that it will be better if we part our way here. This is the best solution I can give now. I must be crowding your space that's why every time you keep on shouting at me and I don't like people shouting at me...chapter closed!!!

From this closed chapter begins the not-yet-titled...

Time heals everything. Its been long that I haven't take a break from my work. Hectic schedules and hurried life; more cigarettes, less food; boring attire,...yaar, life should be rocking. What the hell is this?
Humming a love song, with great fantasy...late at this hour I am trying to catch some sleep, so that at least I can have a glimpse of you at my dream. I wish, I could welcome you with open arms...

Call me stupid, idiot...tolamu,
but the truth is I can't show you that much of my sensibility as you are expecting from me. And remember my dear, I hate speaking half-baked truth, so don't force me to answer the unanswered question[s].

Monday, June 15, 2009

Congratulation Suranjoy...a promising Boxer from Manipur

"...I don't think this gold is a big deal. People are making it look big because it has come after 15 years. I have bigger goals."
- Suranjoy Singh, Asian Championship, Gold Medal Winner, 2009.

I don't have detail information about you. I don't have any other source too to gather your bio data. But now you are the hero, our hero. Congratulation on your achievement, you have done a great job.
Asian Boxing Championship is a big event, but for the last 15 years, none of the participants make it big. So there were no hype of this championship around. From now onwards, people will watch it with great expectation. Your Gold Medal comes in right time. Others Manipuri, Thokchom Nanao Singh has also done a great job, but he missed the Gold Medal. Better luck next time.

Manipuris are good at sports, this has been proving continuously year after years by the players from this state; either in national level or at International Level. It is high time for the State and Central Government to stop ignoring these players. They are continuously bringing laurels for them, for us; and will also bring more such in the coming future.

We are looking forward to you Suranjoy...you must won more such gold medals...why not one in Olympic. Nanao, from you too,...keep going.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Price of honesty...

At first sight, you fall in love; you started talking through mobile phones; start exchanging thoughts through messages, mails; and now full introduction about yourself and yours new found love including family members and relatives. You took extra enthusiasm at the beginning of the relationship, may be you are attracted to the beauty, or to the intelligence or may be to the catching words or may be some other reasons.

Great, and congratulation on winning someone's heart. Its not easy to win someone's heart. You started giving hopes. The hope you have given is very powerful, the intensity of the relationship in building will totally depends on that hope. You must be happy now, not because someone is ready to die for you, but for really successful in establishing a new relationship up to that level. Again I must say you are great.

Now, its time to check out whether you are truly in love or not. After, coming to know about the family and relatives of your new found love, there is no point in changing your behaviour and attitude towards your love. So what if your love is not from a well to do family or their relatives are not in that league! Or why more attention if your love belongs to a well to do family!

If you are looking for a love which has a great backing from their family wealth and reputation than go for an arrange relationship. Please don't mind, evaluate yourself once...if you belong to this category, you are not in true love and do not deserve to be in love.

Important point which we have to count here is the honesty your love has. Instead of cheating, if your love has the guts to tell you the truth at the very beginning of your relationship, than its far better to be caught red handed with your lies later on. The beauty of a relationship lies in the way how you share your thoughts/feelings with each other. Rich or poor, fame or wealth...stand by your love. You can earn everything, but you can't buy a true and honest love. Know the price of honesty.