Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Not Good, Not Bad

When we met first, he was very confident, but shared less about whats there in his mind. Though  his body language, and gestures towards her speaks in volume, it was difficult to jump to any conclusion. My recovery from those past days, it is quite right to opine that something was cooking but never imagine she could turn out to be the Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

A relationship is not about use and throw, its about a commitment for the rest of the life from the very first day of GO. So before falling in love to someone, or commit something to someone, make sure you are completely in to your decision. Half baked decision will not only spoil someone's life but your life too. Playing games with someone's emotion and sentiment will make you repent a lot in your later life, may haunt you most of the time, scaring you even in your happier times.

What if you want to get out of a relationship just because both of you are not in a compatible mode? It is not true to the claim that "we amicably parted away". There always persist something undeclared. 99% of a relationship ends because of ego problem, without admitting to it. Opportunism never works in a long lasting relationship.

For every break up, there comes two explanations: one which you will explain when ask WHY, and the other which will remain hidden only with you. Why should you go in length explaining when you are not wrong for anything, and just because the relationship broke up and you are at the receiving end! 

Sometimes its not good to be good, and sometimes its not bad to be bad. Don't speak bad about her/him after your relationship broke up. It takes time, but it pays. Don't wait for him/her making you laugh, go ahead and make him/her laugh first, definitely you will see a smile in your face at that moment.