Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dr. Kishan and Manipuri Literature

The post independence Manipuri writers are somewhat disillusioned. The acceptance and the rejection of the new faith, new governance, the confusion of the people coming to terms with the changing situation, the search for the identity became the mirror image of the present day Manipuri literature. These writers are more politically conscious. They began to realize the predicament they are trapped in. The earlier excitement turned into anger and sorrow and the romanticism turned into absurdity and meaninglessness. Their main themes are defeatism, cynicism, and despair. They are aware of the corruption in the society, the unstable life style and are vulnerable and insecure. The present day life of the common man is caught in the everyday existential crisis. The literature churning out of this period depicts this social reality of violence and death and the ever-present problems of poverty and unemployment. Though very very limited, Sir Dr. Kishan's writings clearly represent the present day situations and somewhere excels from the contemporary writers in terms of long term perspectives, and the way of analyzing the situations, and always gives a way to get solution to the persisting problem, marked by a distinct note in the theme and style and the way of presentation. It is very unfortunate for the Manipuri Literature; its treasure will have a big hole now. We have lost not only a good human being but a great writer/author of future Manipuri Literature. There must be some unpublished matter of his writings at his home. Those writings will further strengthen his great vision in Manipuri literature.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hats off to AR Rehman

Without musics, I cannot imagine my life. Though I am the worst singer (if you ask me to rate myself) on the earth, I cannot spend a single day without crooning a tune whichever comes out momentarily at my lips. Some of my favourites are no longer around, and it becomes difficult for me to single out from the new comers, to label as my favourite. Here, Rehman scores highest when singling out. Laxmikant Pyarelal has given some of the most melodious and unforgettable Hindi film songs. R.D. Burman had composed many wonderful tunes with a fusion of Western taste. Who can forget the songs composed by Khayyam? But they never got a chance to showcase their talents in the Academy history. In the 74 year old Oscar history, A.R. Rehman has finally made history. Bhanu Athaiya may be the first Indian, and some more Indians in the list as of now, but the real triumph is the one Rehman got. I became his fan when he composed the song "Nahin Samne ye alag baath hain..." for Subhash Ghai's Taal. Not all his works are genius, but once teamed up with a good Lyricist and Film Director, he can do wonders. But here in Slumdog M..., Gulzar's lyrics and Rehman's music are not at their best. So we can expect more and more Oscars and other international trophies for Rahman. Rehman Jai ho...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ethics of life

He is qualified in a sense. He knows his responsibilities, either for his family or his works. One thing he is lacking is he doesn't know how to deal with insensibility. In short he is diplomatically flop. Here I am writing about someone who is close to me. As a friend, I admire him for his sincerity, his honesty, his faithfulness etc etc... Sometimes I wonder... What is the use of running after pillar to post to gain some attention from the one who is avoiding you in every step??? I can't understand the logic behind why people love playing games with love!!! He cried like a child when she throws tantrum to their affairs. He dares to admit when he did something which might probably hurt her in distant future, or confesses even before doing something which is in the list of her dos and donts... Great, I wish, you continue... Finally, he reaps his sincerity with infidelity, inferiority... the list is so long, if you ask me to complete here, sorry dear, not today!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is it good to confess all your past to your new love?

A beginning must be fresh in all aspect...You can lie today and can even manage somehow for the day, but one day when the truth comes out, you will have a tough time in explaining. It takes time to build a comfortable level in a relationship. If once you reach that level, everything can be compromised except infidelity.

Well, everybody has their past, someone has good ending, some other has horrible. At a maximum, most of the endings were of tragedy. Family issues, infidelity, caste, jealousy, possessiveness...list is too long. But the winner is leaving behind all the past and moving ahead with a new life, because life should go on.

Here comes the question "is it good to confess all our past to our new love?" And the answer is definitely yes!!! See, now you are going to start a new relationship leaving behind your troublesome past, here if you still commit the same mistakes than very soon this new relationship will have a bad ending.

Solution is just simple, share all your past and confess if anything offendable had committed in the past...your love will understand you and at your surprise you will get more love in return. If your love turn away after your confession, don't think you have committed a mistake, just chill... that one is not the one which you are waiting for. Wait and watch, don't be hurry...there is nothing as such of late in beginning a good relationship in real term.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Spice up or.....

Its obvious that in a relationship there comes ups and downs. It doesn't mean that we should spend sulking when the relationship doesn't work or got strained. It is not easy to forget first love, at the same time it is also very hard to bear when your first love start demanding too much from you.

If you really love someone, you must always be supportive in every endeavour. If you start demanding or inquiring too much on petty issues, its obvious that a new unwanted relationship will begin from that moment. Telling lie, even though not intended, will be the only means to satisfy the unnecessary demands from your love. If I say what is the use of holding that relationship for any longer when the beauty of the relationship turns the endowment for your telling lies than it will sound hoarse to you...

Friday, February 6, 2009

New life new beginning

Now I am recovering from a biggest trauma in my life. The pain undergone during this phase has taught me a great lesson. A miss call at midnight has changed my life forever. Sometimes I wondered what would happen to my life if I were in a party outdoor that night as I normally do! Fortunately, my land line phone has caller Id, and I was writing, trying to complete a story on that lucky mid night. The phone rang just once, but the bell suddenly diverted my attention. Angrily I looked at the phone call history and to my surprise the call was from the most unexpected...Leaving behind all the chaotic and unorganised life style, finally I am breathing in the most beautiful part of my life. The day which I have been waiting for the last many years is finally here with me. Life is very beautiful if you are able to enjoy every bit of your life...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Be practical yaaaar!!!

Last night I was returning home after having dinner at friends place. It was not that much late for returning home, but too late for visiting to someone's place. Just to enter my room, I got a call from one of my friend, inviting me for a discussion. Normally I never say no to friends for anything. In the meantime, my other phone was ringing, which normally do at that time. Ooops....What to do!!! How well side by Andrew Carnegie that people who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents. He is frustrated, confining whole day at room, no job in hand. His only income is from the earning of his girlfriend. No doubt he is talented but wasted in criticizing his colleagues do and don't. He cant motivate himself, except happy and content when his girlfriend selfclaim so called "good and talented". Of course most of the women will say good if their lover is always around her. Its none of my business, I agree, but what is the use in digging somebody work hard and success??? "Be practical" was the only word in my mind to motivate him. Instead of leg pulling, why cant let others grow and appreciate them who are working hard!!!