Tuesday, March 31, 2009

sometimes late at night...

I have a very bad habit. That I can't close my eyes before reading something. And very recently I have shifted this habit of reading books/letters/diaries to reading SMSes. I have some preserve SMSes from my past. Among them here I am quoting one "Ok, if you say so. Like every other time, I will also give you a chance this time. By the way give me your dateline..."
By this line you can easily guess what my nature must be in those days. I always promised her, that I won't do this and that. And I was strictly obeying the self made rules. After two or three days, I will return to my normal behaviour, and the same story repeats again...She won't speak to me for many hours/days... She wont prod me for anything until I make her another dangerous promise...I know this time too I won't keep it. You won't believe, I promise, I always tried to make her happy by doing everything...She too always do everything to make me happy...but who can fight with destiny!!!
Today, I am remembering you, missing you desperately. You must be sleeping, cocooned under warm love of your family. Late at this hour, I can't even find any star in the sky which could occupied my time in counting them and helping me in forgetting you and your memory. Oh my dear, wish you a better life, full of happiness... Today I promise you that I am a changed man, come and see me, ... but I know you won't...One thing very bad about you is you are very stubborn.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thank you for caring me my dear friend.

"...My phone is not working, my pocket is empty. What the hell is happening? Late in the evening when I returned back, found my computer not working. Someone whom I trusted most had removed and taken away the Hard Disk and RAM without my knowledge. I can't blame him for his misconduct, because I know at whose insistence he was doing. Circumstances compelled every body to act like not like. I understand. My boss ring me up, and apprise me, some of my close associates whom doesn't like to disclose their names, visited him and talked rubbish about me. My boss said, don't worry, I don't believe them. Huhhh...I can't find a single stick of cigarette, even bottles are empty. Though I had promise not to drink to my love, at this moment I can go wild for a single drop. If you were around my dear, less will be the burden, mental havoc!!! Where are you?..."

Time is over, I can't sit at a corner, sulking... Without crossing the worst situations, no one can touch the best corners of life...Now, I am happy with old and new friends around, sharing everything, forgetting about the past... Vodka with limca, rum, whisky... choice is mine, with glasses full. Now I realise, good friend is someone who can take their own decision themself, and very importantly not depending upon their near and dear on taking decision what to do and what not to do for their friends. Thank you my dear friend for caring me. I wish, I can share all these happinese with my love!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The power of love

After almost three years of no-where-about, suddenly come into contact with her. She has undergone many changes, like, now knows how to make her face beauty, wooing others with single liners, maturity in decision making...list is a little bit long my dear. One thing which I observe, that seems remain stagnant, is her temper... Her Temper!!! Oh My God!

Somehow I came to know about her break-up with her long time lover, (source...she as well as her colleagues). Feel good, that guy wasn't the right one for her.

I strongly opine, why should we bind ourself to a so called "love relationship" when the relationship wasn't meant for? Why should we do stupid things and compromise when the relationship is not working?

If you are not happy with the present relationship, go to the root and find out. I will be very happy spending a moment happily with my love than spending twenty years with someone whom I don't love or am forced to act like being in love. Forget about rich or poor, popular or ill-famed, educated or layman...when you once fall in love, your life will be always on cloud number 9.

The picture of life starts when you meet your love. Quite often, the past doesn't matter in between true love... Let me conclude, now she seems very happy, laughing when alone, and eagerly waiting for the next moment, expecting sweet messages from the murmuring air...

I must admit, I am happy, very very happy, to see you happy.

Miss you dear

"My final decision is that I have always love you, I love you and will always love you"...

This line drive me crazy, but whats really written in our fate can't be changed, as normally says by one and all. I still remember that day, when she wasn't around me for the first time. I felt like crying, but there were a lot of friends around, so I tried to control myself, but I wasn't able to put on hold of my tears. They started pouring like water flowing down with strong forces in a waterfall. I suddenly left that place and run as must fast as possible in a park or say in an open meadow nearby, round after round. Tears were replaced by sweat. That moisture coming out through the pores of my skin got mixed up with the tears. And finally, thanks God, there were a brief rain for a while, and I was successful in hiding my tears.

Oh my love, oh my dear, today in the evening, there is again come the rain, remembering you, standing at the balcony, with arms raising out, collected some drops in my hand which was once busy in holding your hand, and sprinkle at the face.

Oh dear oh my love, I wish you were again in front of me...When you were around me, I never valued your love, but when you are not here, I realise the value of your love.