Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quotes on Th Muivah's attempted Manipur visit imbroglio

"As of now, the Imphal-Dimapur highway does not figure in chief minister Ibobi Singh’s scheme of things. The Manipur government dropped plans to use the supply route after the state director-general of police Yumnam Joykumar Singh was asked by his Nagaland counterpart not to send the trucks till the situation became normal."

"Surely the image of Ibobi Singh has gone up manifold and he has become the darling of the people for the simple reason that he defied the diktat of the central government over Muivah's visit to Manipur."
--Babloo Loitongbam

"The naga brothers and sisters should wake up before it is too late and stop those leaders who are using them as a human shied for his political game. Question is how many naga people freely follow the ideology of Muviah and his dream to form a state called as "Nagalim". Should not it better to call "Muviah-lim" instead of calling "Nagalim"."

"The sky is empty and free, if they dream so high for making a land inhibited by only one community then it should only be in the sky...not on the mother earth..."
"Even Ukhrul district, viewed as overwhelmingly inhabited by one Naga tribe, the Tangkhul, now has a significant presence of other people, in particular the Kuki. In Senapati district, supposedly inhabited overwhelmingly by the Mao Naga, Kuki people dominate the Sadar sub-division. They also have many political demands for ‘recognition', assertion of territoriality and demarcation of an exclusive political space. Much the same points may be made in respect of Tamenglong and Chandel districts. A further complexity of switching of tribal identities is a marked feature of the identity politics, which is especially marked in Chandel district."
--M. S. Prabhakara, The Hindu

"It is where Isak Chishi Swu needs to be asked, whether is it Meiteis or Swu and his outfit who are greedy of other people's land? The Meiteis or for that matter, the Government of Manipur have never encroached upon the territory of Nagaland or Mizoram or Assam or even Myanmar."
--N. Hera, Hueiyen News Service

"Even looking back at the recent history, after Manipur became a full-fledged state, the first Chief Minister was Late Md Alimuddin from the minority community. In its 37 years after getting statehood, Yangmasho Shaiza and Rishang Keishing ruled Manipur as Chief Minister for 21 years."
--N. Hera, Hueiyen News Service

"We want that the Meteis of Manipur and the Nagas cohabit without any animosity."
--Kughalo Mulatonu

"If today’s generation could not protect the territory of the state drawn by the blood of 'our forefather' who fought even with the mighty British Emperor, it will be meaningless for the Manipuris to live in this world. When they could not convinced rebel leader Muivah to install as Chief Minister of Nagaland to end his arm struggle, leaders of the GoI, on thinking that if he be installed as Chief Minister by creating South Nagaland, is sending Muivah to the state."
--Yumnamcha Dilip, president of the UCM

"If a small road was blocked for day in Haryana or Uttar Pradesh, the media would have covered it immediately. But a month's blockade of two arteries joining the state with the rest of India hasn't attracted even a fraction of that attention. Why? Because Haryana and UP are more important to South and North Block than Manipur?"
--Tarun Vijay, BJP's national spokesperson and director, Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation, New Delhi

"Sixty years of political struggle against occupational forces should not be equated with petty domestic issues of Manipur state. Sovereignty of the Naga people is not with Manipur state Government. ...Mr. Th Muivah visiting or not his native village in Manipur has never been, is not, will never be a Naga-Manipur problem...”

"Nagas and Manipuris have lived together for centuries in mutual respect. There is no reason why this camaraderie and bonhomie should abruptly end. All Naga and Manipuri Leading Organizations must realize that a man’s entry or exit from his native village is not worth a battle let alone war."

"...while every Naga expects its apex body to act responsibly with sound judgment even in the most compelling circumstance, Naga Hoho has miserably failed to display maturity and elderly wisdom. The Naga Hoho is not a Naga Hoho in the truest sense of the term since it comprises of less than half of the Naga tribes in the state of Nagaland. It must be   answerable to Eastern Naga Peoples Organisation (ENPO) and other non-affiliated tribes in Nagaland and other states for attempted stirring up of unjustified anger over a tiny issue, tarnishing the image of Nagas in the eyes of the neighbors and Naga well-wishers across the globe..."

"On May 9 , the Naga Hoho, in the daily papers screamed 'Manipur Government’s Open Declaration of War Against the Nagas!'  NSCN-K or GPRN/NSCN would simply comment that only a group of men having hidden agenda would attempt to whip up people’s sentiments and emotion to suit their own interest. needed the Naga Hoho to first calm down and look at what had transpired preceding the incident. If Manipur govt. accuses Muivah of committing heinous crimes in the state of Manipur, does it merit the Naga Hoho to unilaterally declare war on behalf of all Nagas against Manipur state? Will it not be wise on the part of the Naga Hoho to first investigate whether the accusations against Th. Muivah are fabricated or factually true? The Naga Hoho failed to exercise its wisdom and when blood was on the wall, it called for war. Understandably, innocent public were simply blackmailed and placed as shooting targets for Manipur police commandoes. Who first initiated the bloody walk? Who is to be blamed?”

"...some underground elements were using the civilians as tools to block the highway. When the Government uses force to clear the blockade, it is only the innocent and unarmed civilians who would get hurt. It is the moral conscience of the State Government to take care of the safety of the citizens."
--N Biren, Spokesperson of the SPF Government, Minister of IFCD and YAS. 

“BJP’s charge of unilateralism against the Home Minister was based on statements of two Congress Chief Ministers, Mr. Ibobi of Manipur and Mr. Rossaiah of Andhra Pradesh. The Manipur Chief Minister is on record stating that, he was not consulted before the decision to allow Mr. Muivah into Manipur. Earlier when, P. Chidambaram made announcement regarding the beginning of the process of formation of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Rosaiah immediately clarified that neither he was consulted nor had any knowledge of this announcement.”

"The various voluntary organizations based in Assam will be compelled to launch road blockade on NH 39 (Numaligarh to Moreh) and NH36 (Nagaon to Dimapur) and the Naga voluntary organization shall be held responsible for any untoward incidents in future..."
-- K Chingkham, Convener of NEPO.

"propose of rebel leader's visit is to gain popularity at the sunset of his career...Muivah no longer loves people of Manipur where he was born, leader of the armed outfit's persistence to visit his native place 'with the childish blessings of the Central Government is pregnant with conspiracy to disintegrate Manipur and sow seeds of enmity amongst the ethnic people who had been living peacefully for ages.
--Konjeng Leikai Youth Development Club, Sega Road

"We have co-existed together with love and peace and I believe his entry in the state will destroy the peaceful atmosphere and end that relationship amongst us."
--Rojen Mayengbam

Ibobi Singh's success in consolidating his position as undisputed leader as compared to the flux before he became CM has also helped his cause. The political uncertainty before his tenure as CM was seen to have been exploited by Muivah for the Nagalim cause. Now that Ibobi Singh is in control of things, he does not want Muivah to play a disruptionist role and the CM appears to have successfully stalled the home ministry's initiative to bring the NSCN (I-M) leader to Manipur.

“No one likes to leave his native place unless conditions force him to”
--Th. Muivah at Viswema

“My parents died waiting to see me. I have come in peace, not to stage war. I don’t see how the wish to be in my village and meet my kin after so many years can be a threat”.
--Th. Muivah

“Frankly, I never thought much about this new NNC leader then. But I did notice something in his eyes; he still has that intensity. No wonder, he continues to commands awe and respect of the Nagas.”
--R. Ketsore, chairman of the Viswema Village Council

"The price of all essential items are going up due to their blockade, we are suffering to the extreme. In this situation, it is obvious that we have to block the goods being supplied to them."
--RK Radhesana

"I support the state government's decision to bar Muivah from entering Manipur. If he had come as a civilian or a Manipuri, he could be allowed. But he is coming as a General Secretary of the NSCN-IM and should not be allowed"
--M Namreilung, a protester of the Zeliangrong Naga community in Manipur

"The unilateralism of the Home Minister has once again created tension. Earlier, he had announced creation of a separate Telangana State without taking the Andhra Pradesh Government into confidence. This time, he allowed Muivah to visit his village in Manipur without asking the State Government for its view".
--Prakash Javadekar, BJP delegation to Manipur

"...the crisis in the State was the creation of the Central Government, which unilaterally gave permission to Muivah to visit Manipur, without first consulting the State Government."
--Prakash Javadekar, BJP

"The track record of Mr P Chidambaram as the Union Home Minister of India in connection with the Telangana issue and the anti-Maoist strategy has proved his incompetency beyond doubt."
--The UCM

"HRLN strongly protest the excessive use of force by the police and security forces and as result of which young Naga people lost their lives in totally illegal and unjustified shooting."
--M Rakesh, Director of HRLN, Manipur

"There is no question of disturbing the territorial integrity of Manipur. There is no question of anything to do with Manipur as far as the NSCN-IM negotiations are concerned. So boundaries are not negotiable".
----Prakash Javadekar, BJP spokesperson

"The chief minister of Manipur was requested to come to Delhi and he did so on May 6, 2010. The finance minister, the defence minister and I held talks with the Manipur chief minister, who, however, after his return to Imphal, reiterated the stand that Muivah's visit to Somdal could not be allowed at this stage."
--P. Chidambaram

"May be Muivah a hero in other places but it does not hold good in Manipur. He is a man who is indulging in criminal, looting activities. In any cost he should not allow to enter into the state".
--S Kunjakishore, independent MLA

"...cadres of an armed outfit with substantial dominance in Churachandpur district and one of the suspension of operation signatories impose 'tax' of varied amount from goods carriers in full combat uniform Songtal area of Guite entry tax an empty truck has to pay Rs 250 while passage of cement load would mean Rs 5 per bag."

"The Centre gave permission to NSCN (IM) general secretary Thuigalen Muivah to spew communal venom to the people of the state"
--Manipur Students Guardians' Organisation (MSGO)

"...leader of a faction of the NSCN (IM) responsible for the mass killing of Kukis and for the June 18 Uprising of 2001 when the cease fire extended in the state is an enemy of the people of the state."
--Rev Y Rehang Chothe, advisor of the MSGO

"...However, as the situation in Manipur is highly critical it would not be possible for the UCM leadership to entertain the request to meet in Guwahati on May 13...UCM is looking forward to meet the Naga civil society at an appropriate time and place in the future."
--Yumnamcha Dilipkumar, UCM president

"the invitation for a joint session at Guwahati on May 13 was flashed through the newspapers, AMUCO would not be able to attend the same due to time constraint as well as the present volatile situation in the State...the prevailing situation in Manipur has compelled both to stay put here, monitor the situation, remain vigilant and work for preventing undesired consequences...working for maintaining tranquility in the State deserves top priority..."
--NC Modhuchandra, Publicity secretary, AMUCO

"since you people are blocking the essential commodities from being taken to Chandel, we will also block transportation of essential commodities from Moreh to Imphal".
--The NSCN-IM cadres

"There is an impression now among the Nagas that Government of India is using the Manipur Government against the Nagas...It appears that Government of India is not committed to its own commitment that it will strive to solve the Naga issue...If not, then they must know what the Nagas and the NSCN can do again."
--Thuingaleng Muivah, NSCN (I-M) general secretary

"NPMHR is shocked that the human rights groups from Imphal valley, who have been campaigning against militarization, extra-judicial killing, asserting the rights to self-determined future and other human rights abuses, are yet to condemn the killings of innocent Nagas...What is more shocking is that some of the so called 'human rights' organisations are actively supporting the policies of the Government of Manipur against the Nagas which has already resulted in the loss of lives and injuries to many Nagas."
--The Naga Peoples' Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR)

"Terror and violence through military action will bring no solution to the conflict, peace and security can only be achieved by respecting the wishes of the people."
--The Naga Peoples' Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR)

"The cease fire is confined only within the State of Nagaland and with a large number of criminal cases pending against him, it would not have been right to allow Muivah to enter Manipur."
--The Cabinet, SPF Government