Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yek Salai - Revisiting readers Comments

The following are some of the edited version of readers comment. 

jack said..[July 24, 2010 7:53 AM]

I would like to share some of my opinions on this problem of marrying the same YEK-SALAI. Looking from a very rational point of view and scientifically speaking the only problem I see in inter yek marriage is the consequences of INBREEDING.
It is evident that breeding between closely related siblings is very likely to produce offsprings with birth defects. It is due to the lack of dominant genes in both the parents for those particular deformities. 

When parents pass on their genes to their offspring, the offspring receives genes from both the parents, both the parents have some dominant genes and recessive genes, the offspring will have a new improved genes receiving the dominant ones from each parents forming his dominant genes and recessive ones forming his recessive genes. Say for example this particular boy has a recessive gene for determining the development of brain function, there will be no problem at all to him but if he mate with a girl who also has recessive gene for determining the development on brain function the offspring they have is very likely to be mentally retarded. 

So the yumnaks in the same yek salai are very closely related and are very likely to have similar recessive genes, thereby producing defective children. And when a parent has a challenged offspring they are very likely to have depression problems and associated psychological problems stemming out of that offspring resulting in a not very happy family.

This is the only reason why they say "yek lounaradi awa ana tai".

Anonymous said...[November 7, 2009 10:40 PM]
The issue of yek and the off-springs of the yek couples, that’s really freaking me out, I am in love with a girl from the same clan, please do help me understand the idea behind this so called not so viable off-springs of yek couples?

I mean the genetic work-out.... how can one maintain the purity of blood for such a long time, some jumbling must have already taken place, gene pool is never static, it’s dynamic, and we Meeties are no exceptions, biologically we r humans, a primate, very much prone to mutation in the same degree as much as the other beings.
Let’s shed off d ego of being a Meetie for a while and lets have a scientific break-through and have an open discussion....


kiranjit said..[November 9, 2009 8:48 PM]
I got to believe it only if someone can explain to me the genetic work out behind it. Our gene pool is never static and so do our environment too. They are always dynamic and never changing and are constantly interacting with one another, thus bringing changes in our gene pool. 

Mutation too cannot be ruled out. More then this how one can maintain the purity of blood for such a long period, from time immemorial. Why the case can be considered for those who share a common time frame and are closely related.... but what we are talking here is about the huge population that resides in our Manipur, and of all those uncountable sub-clans that comes under a single clan again. 

Basically speaking all of us on this earth have a common ancestor regardless of cast, clan whatever. Even an insect and we humans have a common ancestor; we are very much similar in our embryonic life. I am not going against my custom nor disrespecting my ancestors but in reality we need to shed off all the egos and have a serious discussion to go to the roots... saying it is something that has bin laid down in ancestral time is not d explanation.... so please someone tell me the truth behind this...

Jagjit said...[November 19, 2009 11:53 AM]
Kiranjit, hope you are strong in Biology. This issue also a big headache for me. I don’t know how to explain but as per my experience its really thrilling. My neighbours, where couples are YEK THOKNABA, they never have a good life. 

Child are mentally retarded, always quarrel, no happy life, unhealthy.... In Tamil Nadu they have a bright culture of marrying within their relatives. They marry their own sister daughter/sons. Then the child is fully handicapped.
I believe you wont like your child to be handicap. I respect this SALAI culture to bring a happy lie & family.

kiranjit said...[November 27, 2009 8:46 PM]
Hey Jagjit, You are talking about your neighbour a case you have witnessed. Now if we investigate all the handicapped cases and have a detail case history, you will be surprise to learn that not all the case are due to our so called YEK, in fact the figures that comes out of it satisfies equally with that of your YEK

I can find you many a number of yek siblings whose I.Q is above par and I am truly sorry to learn that you have posted this comment without properly reading my former post, the case you are talking about, of that of Tamil Nadu comes under the category of sharing a common time frame. 

Please do read them again. This scientific knowledge is quite complicated for some and really hard for us too to make them understand. Muslims do marry their cousins and many have got a happy family but I know that not my answer because science relies not only in statistics but in the basic facts. 

It is all about gene pools and it is compatibility, and please don't worry about my kids because when I choose my wife I won't be relying on YEK but science and all that is required is just a single session of genetic counseling, that will do, and believe me if things didn't favour me, my mighty culture called BIOTECHNOLOGY is there to help me out and take care of my kids. Happy blogging.

The modern civilization in which we are living have reached it’s zenith by dissolving many an evil customs and absorbing the good ones, after rectifying many an odd ones and preserving the ones which are essential. Respecting ones custom is our soul duty but is rectifying the odd ones a sin, after all we humans have formulated them and we humans are not necessarily true all the times. 

History is evident. If we have got a proper knowledge how of something and have the solution, then why should we go by those old inconvenient methodologies. It’s time to open our mind and see things with a different perspective, a much rational ones.
It’s just not about this YEK issue but there are many such elements which needs our concern. My conclusion for yek issue will be that why don't we go for the much seek and reliable genetic compatibility quotient test, instead of leaving things half-way jus because you are YEK or whatsoever, even if the test fails, believe me still there are further solutions!!!!! Why live a harsh life when you have got every right to be happy, it’s just a matter of choice.

adubu yek haise aroibda keisu oiramdrae, yumna, nupiduna natraga nupaduna yadradi NO UPAIS.... YEK YEK YEK YEK YEK YEK.....yam desperate oiba malamlani, upai leita taubne mayam warubiganu......

kiranjit said..[December 23, 2009 3:00 AM]
If we study the history of Manipur properly and take into account the innumerable foreign invasions and the much popular 7 years of devastation, I am truly sorry to admit but a war is a war and as far as I know the strategies of a war and it’s mechanism to spread physiological terror, things must have gone pretty ugly...... unfortunately a point to support my previous comments......