Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finally, the recognition is coming

Congratulation M.C. Marykom on getting nominated for the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award. You really deserve some outstanding recognition[s] for the achievements and contribution you have made to the Indian Boxing.
Though the country's highest sporting award comes late in acknowledging your talent, I hope you wont loose heart. You are now an icon for many Manipuri young boxers and also for the young boxers of the country. Your achievement of fourth world boxing championship is itself a milestone, coming generation will love to cherish it forever.
You have a long way to go. Hope you will bring more world boxing championship title back home and inspire our youths. All the Manipuris need you.
All the best to you, hope this time you get the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, just because you deserve it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sleeping with the enemy!

I had never prepared to face the attack from someone very close to me,...even I didn't expect that someone very close will take advantage of me. Every now and then, this dirty thing is infiltrating into my mind. Now whenever I recollect our conversations, all sound different. Seems frustrated, didn't even want to respond to anybody properly...huh!
If you are ambitious, successful or wanna be successful, or want to maintain your reputation; be always prepared to face the sudden attack from your secret competitor/admirer. Remember that someone very close to you can only do much harm [unexpected lost] than your open secret enemy.
Here arise one question, how can I doubt those people who are here taking care of me all day and night? How can I doubt my own blood?
Well, to find out your assailant, you don't need to doubt each and every person you accompany. A friend becomes foe only after the intrusion of a third member. That may be of either sex. You must have that much sensitivity in your life if you want everything running smooth.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Just hope, one more time

Patching up an already bizarre relationship needs honesty with determination. Forget about who you are, what are your achievements, what you have done,...just remember, your goal is to woo back your love. For a moment, shed off your EGO,...love just don't need your bank balance, credit cards, cars, properties or honours.

If you value the relationship, just don't hesitate to say sorry, even if the mistake was not from your side. The person is your love, don't feel inferior for the "sorry" you had offered; you can take back your apology if you were not wrong, only after the relationship is back to normal. Just remember the smile, petty petty things that you shared together in happier times...just forget the dirty words uttered while fighting, or the arrogant attitude shown in bad times.

Well, you have done a good job, got recognition and appreciation. You have a bright future now too. But life is not all about politics my dear. Just remember who help you in reaching up to this position!
Patch up, and chill out together in this deadly summer to a nice and cool place. Your simple one word 'SORRY' will pay you back thousands of cosy moments. Its late but not too late. Better late than never.