Tuesday, March 31, 2009

sometimes late at night...

I have a very bad habit. That I can't close my eyes before reading something. And very recently I have shifted this habit of reading books/letters/diaries to reading SMSes. I have some preserve SMSes from my past. Among them here I am quoting one "Ok, if you say so. Like every other time, I will also give you a chance this time. By the way give me your dateline..."
By this line you can easily guess what my nature must be in those days. I always promised her, that I won't do this and that. And I was strictly obeying the self made rules. After two or three days, I will return to my normal behaviour, and the same story repeats again...She won't speak to me for many hours/days... She wont prod me for anything until I make her another dangerous promise...I know this time too I won't keep it. You won't believe, I promise, I always tried to make her happy by doing everything...She too always do everything to make me happy...but who can fight with destiny!!!
Today, I am remembering you, missing you desperately. You must be sleeping, cocooned under warm love of your family. Late at this hour, I can't even find any star in the sky which could occupied my time in counting them and helping me in forgetting you and your memory. Oh my dear, wish you a better life, full of happiness... Today I promise you that I am a changed man, come and see me, ... but I know you won't...One thing very bad about you is you are very stubborn.