Sunday, May 31, 2009

Give respect, Take respect

You can't earn "respect" with the money and qualification you have, alone. You may belong to a so-called high society, or your family and relatives may be well known to the society. You may be speaking multiple languages, must be having multiple degrees. But if you don't know how to respect others, than all your knowledge and degree is of no use.
You must be happy to introduce someone who belongs to a higher class or from a well known family. In that same zeal you must be ready to welcome someone who has nothing other than himself/herself. You just need a little more hard work and luck to stride a gold in life rather than friendship with so call high society people. We are living under the same sun, its by luck that someone got fame and recognition with less hard work. So you should never underestimate someone.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The beauty of being with you

In the pleasant weather,
I really enjoyed the day. Deep inside the jungle we used to see many wild animals paying all around the bushes. We were very happy if a hidden animal comes out from the bushes in search of food. We can't speak to each other loudly, due to the instruction given by the forest guide. But I enjoyed the talked with her through sign and pinch. Both of us were busy, not only in searching the wild animals, but in communicating through signs and pinch.The trees standing must be having a nice time watching, being the only audiences of the play.

Varieties of deadly snakes were visible, and the most dangerous were the wild elephants, even the tame elephants ran away when they saw wild elephants coming there way.
She was terrified when some strange wild animals came out in her side; and I was thrilled, and was at my pleasure in pacifying her.

Sometimes, acting like naughty is much more pleasurable than being always nice and gentle to your love.

From 2004 to 2009, many changes took place, the only thing remain unchanged that had left with me is the sweet memory of our togetherness and the beauty of being with her. It is true that I won't get another chance to be with her to play naughty games in the thick forest among wild animals, but I will always nurture those sweet memories.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A recent outing in Orchha

With hectic working schedule, I was really succumbed, and was always thinking of taking a break. All of a sudden I got an invitation which could serve for both the purposes. I graved the opportunity, and thus set out for the journey to Orchha, Madhya Pradesh.

It is learned that this fort has been converted into museum. Didn't get much time to visit inside the museum. The locality were not aware enough about the museum. The only thing they reported to me was that many Foreigners visited in the winter.

Just opposite to the fort, this Temple stood tall. The temperature was soaring at 43 degree something. Can't work bare foot, but no one was allowed to enter inside the Temple with footwear. Prasad were sold outside the Temple, bought and enter the Temple. Even in that temperature, many devotees were there praying and praising the god(s).

At the entrance, you will find these two pillars, stood opposite each other. One of my colleague narrated a story about these two pillars, but it sounds too magical, so I won't go in length about it here.

In and around, you won't find any restaurant which could serve you descent food other than dal and roti. So, I returned back to my hotel which was just a ten minute walking distance to the temple. If you are looking for a awesome lunch or dinner over here, just contact your hotel staff, though (most of the hotels there have the same problem)they don't cook, but they can bring you your choice of food from the outskirt restaurant.

In the evening, you can see many foreigners cycling in the long route of about 15 kilometers from Temple to the Bundhelkhand River side road. This route is very much suitable for such game or exercise that stretch straight with beautiful and leafy tress in and around the forest areas with being less taken route.

In the morning, one should not miss, which is just about ten minutes working distance from the Temple, the Betwa Riverside. Its stunning beauty will charmed you, and will compelled you stay for the next morning. At the evening time, the resort nearby has some lighting arrangement that also serves in beautifying the River.

When I returned back from my program, it was late. I reached Orchha at around 2AM. Wow, what a beauty of the River side in the moonlight. With every reflection, I decided to spend the whole night there at the Riverside. But the driver warned me of dire consequences from hooligans which sometimes forget there way to the area.

Two days and one night stay at Orchha has really emulated my long abandoned habit of traveling. The most important and significant thing about this place is that the area is far away from the noisy and clamorous city environment. I will always miss the evening fresh air of Orchha.

The nearest railway station is at Jhanshi, U.P. It took around thirty minutes from Orchha to Jhanshi by car. I boarded the evening Bhopal Shatabdi. In the train, I was sharing seat with two foreigner from Europe. They were heading Agra for Taj Mahal. When I narrated about the beauty of Orchha, they planned for their next stop to be at Orchha immediately.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Try to be always around your love when in need.

She was very happy, literally. All the office mates present in the party were praising her, complementing her new look in the new dress. Though returned a smile to all who were complementing her, she was not happy inside. She was missing something....., yes she was missing me, her only love.
That must around 11 am that she rang me up. As it was the pick hour of my office, I was a little bit arrogant in attending the call. In a very jolly mood she greeted me, but after my cruel answer, she, after a short silence said ...
"busy? ok carry on, I was just missing you, so I call you up, ok sorry for disturbing you at office hour. Bye"...

After she hang up the call, I returned back to my work. But something seemed wrong, and I was not able to concentrate on my work. Standing at the lobby of my office, lit a cigarette and call her up. Someone attended the call but she was not there. Her friend finally found her sitting quietly at the nearby garden. In between, her friend narrated the beauty of the spot where they were enjoying their office picnic, and how they were enjoying with their special ones.

Well, you must be busy most of the time in your office. Its obvious that you are working for money, at the end of the month, your pay cheque matters. But sometimes may you need to spare some of your valuable mortgaged time out to fulfill your love demand. Petty things are very much important in keeping the relationship going.

Thousands of complements may come in your way but until and unless your love one complement you, all the others seem valueless. If something excites you all of a sudden and you don't feel the need to inform your love immediately at that moment, BELIEVE me, you are not in true love. Telling thousand times a day "I LOVE YOU" doesn't mean you are proving your love, you need to be always around your love when in need. Try to be always around your love when in need yaar.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Be in love, youth comes once...,

Love after marriage, and love before marriage - you have two choices in your love life. I prefer the second one. My first crush was with one of my classmate, that had happened when I was in just 3rd std. But I didn't have the courage to propose her and express my feeling. She was very talented, and always stood first or sometimes second in the final exam. And I was very happy to see her coming first in the final exam that I hated all those who tried to overthrew her ranking...There were no other way to pull her attention to me except scoring high marks. And thus I studied damn hard. I waited eagerly to complete our Board Exam, so that I could proposed her.

After my Board Exam, I thought that its time to express my feeling[s], and accordingly I tried very hard, but of no use. I couldn't even speak even a single word in front of her. Waited for another year to build up my courage, but when I really got shed off my timidity, and I was ready, she was already with someone. And that someone turned out to be one of my relative. Today she is happily married with that very someone, and has a beautiful daughter.

Being in love always makes you tender in heart, but not compatible in all your acts throughout the ages. Be a mommo's guy, no doubt. Be always a friend with your books, great. But don't let your youth goes without love. There is nothing wrong in falling in love when you are just a student. The love which you sow in your youth today will make you feel tender in your whole life.

After completion of your study, after getting a nice job, you can find out someone whom you can happily married and compromise your love life. An understanding hubby, a lovely child, your life is complete, as you may say now. But believe me, you are missing something which is very very beautiful than your now so called complete life.

If you have someone whom you love but not yet express your feeling, please don't delay anymore, go and express your feeling right now. Your proposal won't go waste, but make sure that you have the right choice...believe me someone somewhere is made for you. Grave the opportunity to be always with your right love.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

...and the story goes on and on...

You say something against him and he will say something against you. She will pull out a new version, and you will clarify it till you are fed up of all the stuff and start twisting with another tale. Come on dear, enough is enough, learn punctuation once again and practice better where to ink full stop. In old good times, you were occupied in praising someone, but when the same equations are no more, still you are occupied in pulling down the very person. Shame on you babe...

What is the use of involving the innocent parent only to get some mileage! You want the same importance, same respect, same dignity...but you don't want to work hard. Do only little work but make huge claim/sound...what a formula, huh!

Stop riding on your [dim] ego. Expect less 'self importance' from others, your love is suffocating, free it. Stop creating scenes. Or don't involve me in it. Why you are wasting your precious time in spreading rumour that too using someone's clean image? Be honest to yourself, leadership comes ...not earned on bad mouthing. TRULY, You are sick babe!

Admit that you are doing wrong. Learn from your failure, let it be your stepping stone to the success. Stop moving from pillar to post and blame someone for your failure, that won't earn you a descent favour. You are happy dominating your lover, with some borrowed lines to seduce. Just shut up your mouth. Don't come in front of me, or you will get a thunderous slap on your face...both side!

Beg pardon, don't be!!! hmmm....Sabah!!!....jaise or..... Adnam "ko lift karade"!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ima keithel /Khwairamband Bazaar - New hope

A small city in a small state, but still due to lack of proper administration, everything got messed up. A flyover with old-odd model has come up after much delay, making traffic flow some relieve in this Ima Keithel vicinity. Good atleast.

Ima Keithel, carefully crafted by the industrious spirit of Manipuri women represents Manipuri womens' identity. More than seven thousand ima stalls earn their livelihood from this market which is said to have founded by Khagemba Maharaj of Manipur in the late 16th century.

Now three new keithels [market complex] are in the pipeline to inaugurate, Khwairamband, Lakshmi and New Markets; where a municipal fee of Rs. 1.70 lakh has to be paid for acquiring a 4x4ft stall. Good for all of us, specially our keithel ima[s]. It's here in the Ima Keithel that our men consecrated their devotion and life to the women of the state. Among the three complex, two of them has already completed, but still waiting for the last one to inaugurate together. Can't understand the logic behind for such a long delay in throwing the market complex to the public!