Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ethics of life

He is qualified in a sense. He knows his responsibilities, either for his family or his works. One thing he is lacking is he doesn't know how to deal with insensibility. In short he is diplomatically flop. Here I am writing about someone who is close to me. As a friend, I admire him for his sincerity, his honesty, his faithfulness etc etc... Sometimes I wonder... What is the use of running after pillar to post to gain some attention from the one who is avoiding you in every step??? I can't understand the logic behind why people love playing games with love!!! He cried like a child when she throws tantrum to their affairs. He dares to admit when he did something which might probably hurt her in distant future, or confesses even before doing something which is in the list of her dos and donts... Great, I wish, you continue... Finally, he reaps his sincerity with infidelity, inferiority... the list is so long, if you ask me to complete here, sorry dear, not today!!!