Saturday, November 7, 2009

Perfect Match [Male - Female] birthday

  1. Sunday pairs Monday: Not good
  2. Sunday pairs Tuesday: Good combination, wishes come true
  3. Sunday pairs Saturday: Possibility of being wealthiest
  4. Monday pairs Tuesday: Not good at the beginning, very good at later stage
  5. Monday pairs Thursday: Good pair
  6. Monday pairs Friday: Quarrelsome, rich at later stage
  7. Monday pairs Saturday: Wealthy, Live Long
  8. Monday pairs Wednesday: Good at later stage
  9. Tuesday pairs Wednesday: Quarrelsome
  10. Tuesday pairs Tuesday: Very bad option
  11. Tuesday pairs Saturday: Good
  12.  Tuesday pairs Friday: Chances of becoming poor
  13. Wednesday pairs Saturday: Not good
  14. Thursday pairs Saturday: Become rich soon
  15. Thursday pairs Tuesday: Very complementary
  16. Friday pairs Saturday: Bad

[input from yotish]