Thursday, January 29, 2009

The threat ...........Terrorism???

Ram Gopal Verma and Amitabh made headline just after the Terrorist attacked in Mumbai last year. Different people with different profile has different views. But one thing in common is terrorism and their modus operandi has make our life miserable. As time passes, our memory cannot hold for long and we usually forget events. But we are not going to forget the incidents such as Mumbai terror attacks. The incident of 26/11 attack has left an imprint in our minds, shake us from within, and will remained forever. Terrorists adopted such method and succeeded in creating an impact which was exactly what they wanted. They easily get international coverage by making the plan unique by normally targeting the places where cream of the society, foreign nationals and the diplomats were staying or enjoying.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Love has no written rules

Being Casanova always pay a heavy prize in their later life. It may seems easy wooing someone with your look. But dear, it is very difficult to win someone's heart with your look. Love has no written formula or rules to follow. You may fall in love to anybody anytime, it doesn't matter how long you have been with him/her. It just need only ONE second to have eye to eye contact to fall in love. Earlier, letter has a great value, now a days mobile and sms has replaced it. Todays young cupid hardly spend one minute in expressing their love. Just type five-six lines and send it as sms. Many service providers are available, you can choose your choice which offers the cheapest call rate and use the mobile and express your feeling, simple!...this is the current funda of love. Do you believe that there is more value of love through letter than love in phone or to some extent love in sms?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Illiteracy is our biggest challenge

It is very important to make all of our children to make them read written text, write or recognize numbers. Our biggest challenge ahead is illiteracy. Is "Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan" the right platform to fight the illiteracy problem of our country at the ground level??? Is the Pratham's report on the Annual Status of Education on rural India reliable??? The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is no doubt, another step to fight our biggest challenge, but it is not implementing properly. The SSA has promised us to provide useful and relevant elementary education for all children in the 6 to 14 age group by 2010 in India. The recent survey of Pratham covered only 564 districts, 16198 villages and 3.35 lakh households whereas the country has more than that, say approximately 500,000 villages. Department of School Education and Literacy launches "Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan" with great promise to universalize elementary education by community-ownership of the school system in India. As promised, it should be able to provide quality basic education all over the country under any circumstances. We are expecting from Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan programme that they will do their best in improving the capabilities to all children, through their provision of community-owned quality education in a mission mode. For a better tomorrow, we need not compromise today.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Don't do different things to prove your love..but do things differently

Having someone other than your family to love and taken care of you is something which is very nice and precious. Not all are lucky when discussion is on "being in love." Remember that you have only one life. Get the best out of it. There is nothing as such of meeting your love in your next and so... This time if you once miss your love, you will miss forever. It is true, and I agree completely with Harison Ford that "Big changes in our lives are more or less a second chance". Every relationship has a good beginning, I must say. But all are not guaranteed that they will end as well that of beginning. I have seen many break up due to misunderstanding. But I have seen less, people getting back to their ex. Before axing, think twice, or analyze, if he or she is your Right!!! It is very difficult to find true love, if you get and able to realize, don't let him/her go. Its now your turn to make big changes in yourself. No need to climb Himalaya or as such to declare your true love. Love is something which can only be feel through caring, accepting and fulfilling petty petty demands, making changes in yourself, giving surprises with gifts, and most important to be always around. Make only those promises which are possible for you to keep, and if once promise, keep it. Don't praise which don't really meant, but praise which really meant, and make it a point to praise at the beginning of your meeting for the day. It will make a great difference.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Keep going Somdev Devvarman keep going...

The spirit of North East people must keep going. Sport is the only field where NE States, specially Manipur excel from the rest of the Indian States. If provided with world class infrastructures and coaches, many sports persons of international standard will come up from this region. In fact, NE has contributed some of the country's best sports persons. But when it comes to award and recognition, many got disappointed. MC Mary Kom, even after grabbing her fourth World Women's Boxing Championship Gold in a row is still missing the country's best Sports Award. The sudden arrival of another sport star from NE, Somdev, has given another hope to many sports person in the making form this region. The whole region is watching you...keep going Somdev...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great Expectations from Barack Obama

Welcome Barack Obama welcome. You are thoroughly a man of your time. We have seen many American blacks holding the highest post only in cinema. But you are making history on Tuesday as America's first black president not in reel but in real. The moment you take oath by placing your hand on a bible which was used by Abraham Lincoln in 1861 sets great expectations not only by your citizen but by the rest of the world. Lincoln , having complex relationship with Blacks, had a vision of America that was largely a White one. Will you be able to bring an end to the racial segregation policies, the ongoing wars and the recession??? It is not new to mention that whatever happening in U.S. of America has great impact to the rest of the world!!! Will you be able to create jobs for hundreds of thousands of people whose jobs die out because of the economic collapse just before you win the election??? Will you be able to bring back the spirit of unity among your country fellow??? You should pledge us to faithfully execute not only the office of president of the United States, but also safeguard, shield and defend the rest. You are going to fulfill what Martin Luther King Jr had once dreamt of. You can only do so much by taking responsibility.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Its the LOVE that is most IMPORTANT...

For the last three four months, most of my friends are talking about fidelity and infidelity in a relationship. Many relationships are broken only because of infidelity. When judging of fidelity or infidelity comes, men seem to be better, as women's inferences are not all correct. When I broke up my ten years old relationship last year, I know how heartache it is. It was a very painful moment in my life that I never ever tried to bring back her in my life, fearing another break up. Life must go on, and I make myself believe in this principle. But when it comes about patching up of a broken relationship, I wont go against them....even though getting back your old flame is not that much easy.....if you feel and think about her always, and really mean some love left still, it is not bad in making another effort!!!
How many times, did you try and were not successful in bringing your ex love? Or still keep on thinking that your love will come back to your life with the course of life? NO! it wont happen like that if you don't give your sincere effort. If you really wanna bring your ex-lover back to your life, you need to give some extra effort. Try to analyze deeply, recollect the incidents, and find the reason behind your break up. Analyze the mistake(s).
Be sure, you are ready to forgive your ex or your ex does forgive you by letting past is past. Otherwise there is no point in going back. Both of you must learn from your mistakes. Remember, its the love that is most most ready from now and make up your mind, there is no use of wasting your time if you really think you can bring you ex back in your life. Because everybody want to go back to those happy times in their life. If you are happy with your ex, go ahead!!!
A whole life of smooth sailing is not possible at all in a relationship. So dont feel confused for taking such a difficult challenges. Do all the possible things with action to prove that you are really changed and past mistakes wont repeat again...It is very important to remember those things which both of you enjoyed doing together. Do those things again in the presence of your ex, and let her feel what are missing out on by not being with you. You wont believe, these things will remain him/her how good when both of you used to be in your past relationship. The emotional intimacy during these times can strengthen your restrained relationship and be sure some surprising moments will emerge from such emotional bonding.
If the mistakes are from the man's side, they need to do a lot of petty things. A man can be taught to reach out and be sensitive to his lover's need, as most of the women had a preoccupied belief that their lovability is measured by the affection they used to receive from their boyfriend. Coming together with many difficulties can enable them in developing a strong bonding and will help them in becoming a relationship of depth and substance. You must develop such a strong sense of responsibility while trying to bring her back in your life that you can stand up to the fiercest storms, confidently proclaiming "I can do it for you".
Love is love, there is no boundary at all, but the most difficult stage is when the sweetest love turns out to be the bittiest love. These days when a woman feels dissatisfied in her relationship, she doesn't just suck it up and complain to her friends while shedding copious tears, like we used to find in cinema. The style is outdated now. Todays woman has changed with the times, and so has her definition of a successful relationship. If you don't act today tomorrow will be too late.

Its nothing but the truth......

Is it really a case of the infamous Western eye ferreting out oriental squalor and peddling as the exotic dirt bowls of the East??? Come on, lets accept the truth. No doubt Amitabh Bachchan is the Shahenshah of Bollywood. In movies, he has acted in many larger than life roles. But he is not ready to accept the reality about India and the way majority of Indians are living. It is indeed necessary to accept the fact that living around with the real situation and someone like Danny, after seeing, analyzing and then acknowledging it for what it is has a great difference. I must say, we must accept the truth, learn from it and work together to get rid of the view which Western world is gobbling on. In fact, "Slumdog Millionaire"is a huge success in its own right. Because of Danny Boyle, Vikas Swarup becomes included in the league of International best selling Authors. Truly “Slumdog Millionaire” showcased some of the most current terrible fact!!! See the fate of the slum boy of Mumbai in the film. His last single correct answer possibly will win him a staggering huge million rupees. But before he could win the game show, police arrested him. How could a slum orphan become so smart and intelligent while those who are richer, more well-informed than him have failed!!! How some one who never attends schools, yet goes on to win the million dolor!!! Eventually the slum underdog beats the ods and win together with issues of love, lost and friendship, which everyone can relate to. After “Salaam Bombay”, this is another film which truly represents the reality of the fate of Indian slum dwellers.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Emoinu Ahongbi

Today is "Emoinu Ahongbi Day", and I wish all of the readers a very Happy Emoinu Day, may Emoinu ema graces them all the happiness and prosperity to their life, family, business and every endeavours in life.

Those who are outside Manipur must be missing the celebration at home. But I personally inquire some of the Manipuri families here in Delhi, they are celebrating Emoinu Ahongbi Day here with the same rituals, grandeur and the grand dinner.

The morning begins with the heart breakening news of Satyam Rs. 7,000 Crore lie. Its very disappointing news, from a branded company like Satyam with many achievement in its credit. Let all these bad news end with the beginning of Emoinu Ahongbi Celebration.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dilemma of Manipuri Youth

The well educated youths in Manipur face a problem after completing their studies. That is unemployment. Nothing is open. If there is anything, they are private school teachers or loan collectors for so called private banks. And that too the work load is ten times heavier comparing with the salary they get. If someone start thinking of doing their own business, loads of hurdles they have to clear, as the present Manipur society is influence with problems. There is lack of raw materials, market and above all the insecurity the people feel. This is one of the main reason for opting for finding work outside Manipur.

"I personally came to Delhi searching for greener pastor/pasture. I would say that the condition back at home (i.e. Manipur) if not worse is very bad. We don’t have any prospect for a job. And the few that are there are grabbed by people with money and power. There is no prospect for people like us who belong to middle class with no connection" - lamented by a Manipuri student.
"Well, I came here because my parents have become and emotional wreck if I stay there. They are always fearful of me getting killed by either militant or the police. Because that’s the reality there. The greed for some few thousand of money make people a killer there. So, I came here for their sanity" - these are the common answer from most of the Manipuri Students in Delhi.

"One of the main reasons I came here is because I see no prospect of earning money as well as for my career there. Like I was a teacher in private school for two years and they pay me only Rs. 1000 per month. And the duty at school take up all my time which leave me no time for finding or trying for other career option" - Comment by a Manipuri student who is currently pursuing PhD. from a Central University.

"Well, all the system there is corrupted. No hope for common people like us. On one hand is the police/politician/govt. and on the other hand the militant. Its like choosing between the lesser devil. So, I came here to get more exposure as well as to make a life of myself." Another heartbreaking answer from a student of DU.

"I am a mature adult now who can think of its own. And I feel the need to fulfill my responsibilities towards my parents. And I see no way of fulfilling any of those living there. The govt. jobs are less and costly while the private one have no prospect. If, even I work at a call centre here I can earn around Rs. 10000 which I can support myself as well give a portion to my parents." - A call centre Executive from Manipur.

There is very less scope to explore there at Manipur. And above these there is the problem of militant with the government. Every other day there is band and general strike. And every machinery have become stagnant and corrupted. There is no possibility of making a respectable life. All these situations have made the youths to come outside the state and try out something new.
Well, there must be a way. We need to corporate each other, with Government, with NGOs, with every responsible local clubs/organisations for a better tomorrow. Its right time for all of us to work together to get rid of such dilemma.