Thursday, May 28, 2009

A recent outing in Orchha

With hectic working schedule, I was really succumbed, and was always thinking of taking a break. All of a sudden I got an invitation which could serve for both the purposes. I graved the opportunity, and thus set out for the journey to Orchha, Madhya Pradesh.

It is learned that this fort has been converted into museum. Didn't get much time to visit inside the museum. The locality were not aware enough about the museum. The only thing they reported to me was that many Foreigners visited in the winter.

Just opposite to the fort, this Temple stood tall. The temperature was soaring at 43 degree something. Can't work bare foot, but no one was allowed to enter inside the Temple with footwear. Prasad were sold outside the Temple, bought and enter the Temple. Even in that temperature, many devotees were there praying and praising the god(s).

At the entrance, you will find these two pillars, stood opposite each other. One of my colleague narrated a story about these two pillars, but it sounds too magical, so I won't go in length about it here.

In and around, you won't find any restaurant which could serve you descent food other than dal and roti. So, I returned back to my hotel which was just a ten minute walking distance to the temple. If you are looking for a awesome lunch or dinner over here, just contact your hotel staff, though (most of the hotels there have the same problem)they don't cook, but they can bring you your choice of food from the outskirt restaurant.

In the evening, you can see many foreigners cycling in the long route of about 15 kilometers from Temple to the Bundhelkhand River side road. This route is very much suitable for such game or exercise that stretch straight with beautiful and leafy tress in and around the forest areas with being less taken route.

In the morning, one should not miss, which is just about ten minutes working distance from the Temple, the Betwa Riverside. Its stunning beauty will charmed you, and will compelled you stay for the next morning. At the evening time, the resort nearby has some lighting arrangement that also serves in beautifying the River.

When I returned back from my program, it was late. I reached Orchha at around 2AM. Wow, what a beauty of the River side in the moonlight. With every reflection, I decided to spend the whole night there at the Riverside. But the driver warned me of dire consequences from hooligans which sometimes forget there way to the area.

Two days and one night stay at Orchha has really emulated my long abandoned habit of traveling. The most important and significant thing about this place is that the area is far away from the noisy and clamorous city environment. I will always miss the evening fresh air of Orchha.

The nearest railway station is at Jhanshi, U.P. It took around thirty minutes from Orchha to Jhanshi by car. I boarded the evening Bhopal Shatabdi. In the train, I was sharing seat with two foreigner from Europe. They were heading Agra for Taj Mahal. When I narrated about the beauty of Orchha, they planned for their next stop to be at Orchha immediately.