Sunday, August 30, 2009

The onset and waning of love!

What is the use of that relationship which doesn't have a mutual respect in between... feel like loneliness being together! Most of the time, you are always hurt by the one you love expect something, but didn't not get a glimpse of what you have expected. Apparently, you are always been loved by the one you don't love! Its not about being messed up alone!
At a maximum, most try to choose the one who loves them, but still their heart belongs to the one who hurt them. And very often they make comparisons...very sad, very very sad...hampering the growth of their relationship,...lost the beauty of love which was blossoming hideously! Got struck...!
Love is something which often brings smiles and happiness at your face without being tried. Gives you the courage to move ahead, ignoring the hard and tough, and make the things going. In short, love is the best medicine for any kind of pain and hardship. But when the relationship stops working, there will be no medicine to soothe the pain given by your love.
The beauty of a relationship and their future depends upon the mutual respect they have for each other. Ego is a main factor, so try to shed off...and if you think your ego has hurt your love, just tender your apology. Even if you are ready to apologies for doing nothing wrong, it doesn't mean that you are wrong and is subdued and your love is right...Feel the good moments...
You must realize the hidden fact that it only means you value the relationship much more than your ego. And if you think there is no future in it, give a call in your heart and quit it.


  1. Is there any prob between laishram and maibam?? Seems like both belong to the sam yek salai.... :(

  2. Rajkumar sagei ga lamabam ga yek thoknbra c matng haibirko

  3. Lamabam ga Rajkumar sagei ga anise yek thoknbra amuktng khnghnbirko