Thursday, May 14, 2009

Be in love, youth comes once...,

Love after marriage, and love before marriage - you have two choices in your love life. I prefer the second one. My first crush was with one of my classmate, that had happened when I was in just 3rd std. But I didn't have the courage to propose her and express my feeling. She was very talented, and always stood first or sometimes second in the final exam. And I was very happy to see her coming first in the final exam that I hated all those who tried to overthrew her ranking...There were no other way to pull her attention to me except scoring high marks. And thus I studied damn hard. I waited eagerly to complete our Board Exam, so that I could proposed her.

After my Board Exam, I thought that its time to express my feeling[s], and accordingly I tried very hard, but of no use. I couldn't even speak even a single word in front of her. Waited for another year to build up my courage, but when I really got shed off my timidity, and I was ready, she was already with someone. And that someone turned out to be one of my relative. Today she is happily married with that very someone, and has a beautiful daughter.

Being in love always makes you tender in heart, but not compatible in all your acts throughout the ages. Be a mommo's guy, no doubt. Be always a friend with your books, great. But don't let your youth goes without love. There is nothing wrong in falling in love when you are just a student. The love which you sow in your youth today will make you feel tender in your whole life.

After completion of your study, after getting a nice job, you can find out someone whom you can happily married and compromise your love life. An understanding hubby, a lovely child, your life is complete, as you may say now. But believe me, you are missing something which is very very beautiful than your now so called complete life.

If you have someone whom you love but not yet express your feeling, please don't delay anymore, go and express your feeling right now. Your proposal won't go waste, but make sure that you have the right choice...believe me someone somewhere is made for you. Grave the opportunity to be always with your right love.