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Ningthee Agreement, 1834, Transfer of Kabaw Valley

Ningthee Agreement, 1834, Transfer of Kabaw Valley

1st : The British Commissioners, Major Grant and Captain Pemberton under instructions from the Right Honourable, the Governor General in Council, agree to make over to the Woandauk Maha Mingyan Rajah and Tsarudanieks MyookyantHou, Commissioners appointed by the King of Ava, the Town of Tummo, Khumbab, Surjail and all other villages in the Kubo Valley, Ungoching Hills and the strip of valley running between the eastern foot and the western bank of the Ningthi Khyendwin river.

2nd : The British Commissioners will withdraw the Munnipooree Thannas now stationed within this tract of the country, and make over immediate possession of it to the Burmese Commissioners on certain conditions.

3rd : The conditions are that they will agree to the boundaries which may be pointed out to them by the British Commissioners, and will respect and refrain from any interference, direct or indirect, with the people residing on the Munnipooree side of those boundaries.

4th : The boundaries are as follows. The eastern foot of the chain of mountains which rise immediately from the western side of the plain of the Kubo Valley. Within this line is included Moreh and all the country to the westward of it.

On the south, a line extending from the eastern foot of the same hills at the point where the river, called by the Burmahs Nansawing, and by the Munnipoorees Numsanlung, enters the plain, up to the sources and across the hills due west down to the Kethe-Khyaung.
On the north, the line of boundary will begin at the foot of the same hills at the northern extremity of the Kubo Valley, and pass due north up to the first range of hills, east of that upon which stand the villages of Chaotao, Noanghue, Noanghur of the tribe called by the Munnipoorees Loohooppa, and by the Burmahs Lagumsauny, now tributary to Munnipoor.
The Burmese commissioners hereby promise that they will give orders to the Burmese officers, who will remain in charge of the territory now made over to them, not in any way to interfere with the Khyens or other inhabitants living on the Munnipoor side of the lines of boundary above described, and the British Commissioners also promise that the Munnipoorees shall be ordered not in any way to interfere with the Khyens or other inhabitants of any description living on the Burmah side of the boundaries now fixed.

Sunnyachil Ghat, Ningthee, January 9, 1834
Langthabal Agreement, 1834
Compensation for Kabaw Valley

Major Grant and Captain Pemberton, under instructions from the Right Honourable the Governor General in Council having made over the Kubo Valley to the Burmese Commissioners deputed from Ava are authorized to state.
1st : That it is the intension of the Supreme Government to grant a monthly stipend of five hundred sicca Rupees to the Rajah of Munnipoore, to commence from the ninth day of January, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty Four, the date of which the transfer of Kubo took place, as shown in the Agreement mutually signed by the British Commissioners.
2nd : It is to be distinctly understood that should and circumstances hereafter arise by which the portion of territory lately made over to Ava again reverts to Munnipore, the allowance now granted by the British Government will cease from the date of such reversion.

F.J. Grant, Major

R.B. Pemberton, Captain
Langthabal, Mannipoore
January 25, 1834

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