Saturday, April 25, 2009

At the receiving end

Both are my friends, and its now very difficult to decide to whom I should favour. Both of them are regularly keeping in touch through think and thin, and are well exposed to all of my friend circles. Confused!!!

Well, the story goes like this, One of my dear friend was supposed to get tie the knot with his childhood love eight years back from now. Unfortunately, that relations falls out due to misunderstanding between the two families. And thus the marriage was canceled for forever. The two love were not in talking terms and thus separated till seven years. In between, this dear friend found a new love and was introduced to me. Being a good friend I become closer and the bonding has developed at a certain. Everything were going smoothly till the first departed love surfaced all of a sudden. Being first love my friend forgive and cleared the misunderstanding. Now the problem is who is going to sacrifice for whom?

In a relationship, the most important thing to maintain is mutual trust and understanding. If once the faith is lost in your love, it will be very difficult to get it back. Sometimes temptation leads to act unfaithful things, I agree, but don't let temptation overcome you. Be faithful to your love, admit it when found yourself at the receiving end.