Friday, May 29, 2009

The beauty of being with you

In the pleasant weather,
I really enjoyed the day. Deep inside the jungle we used to see many wild animals paying all around the bushes. We were very happy if a hidden animal comes out from the bushes in search of food. We can't speak to each other loudly, due to the instruction given by the forest guide. But I enjoyed the talked with her through sign and pinch. Both of us were busy, not only in searching the wild animals, but in communicating through signs and pinch.The trees standing must be having a nice time watching, being the only audiences of the play.

Varieties of deadly snakes were visible, and the most dangerous were the wild elephants, even the tame elephants ran away when they saw wild elephants coming there way.
She was terrified when some strange wild animals came out in her side; and I was thrilled, and was at my pleasure in pacifying her.

Sometimes, acting like naughty is much more pleasurable than being always nice and gentle to your love.

From 2004 to 2009, many changes took place, the only thing remain unchanged that had left with me is the sweet memory of our togetherness and the beauty of being with her. It is true that I won't get another chance to be with her to play naughty games in the thick forest among wild animals, but I will always nurture those sweet memories.