Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Hasbian or Wasbian"

It was terribly hot outside, light was out,... I was lethargic enough and no one would dare enough to move out under the scorching sun. At that wee hour, She came with a bag full of chains, pendents and rings and many more. Sat nearby me and cried loudly.

"Dada, please keep this bag with you, and don't let him know that this bag is with you!"

When she was 16, she enjoyed her best part of life. As it happened, helping one of her friend in meeting their lover dragged her life into trouble. As usual, she was helping them in their liaison on that day too. Those two love birds were supposed to elope on a particular day. On that ill-fated day, when the guy turn up with full preparation with three four friends along, her friend didn't turn up. As face saving, the guy eloped her instead after much fight and persuasion...this and that...

Though rich, she belongs to a lower social strata. The guy whom she eloped belongs to a higher class and was also very rich. After their marriage, the guy was sent for further studies outside, leaving her alone at home. Her in-laws tortured like anything, and didn't let her communicate with outside world. After much fight, she returned back to her parents place, and waited her husband for a pretty four years. But when her husband returned back, refused to owe her as his wife, doubting and blaming against her innocent character.

From that moment, she has been playing only one game "fake love-part time marriage". Now she is 28, and quite experience in flirting men of all kind. Her phone won't stop ringing until she switched off.

One thing I admire most is her sincerity to me. One Rakhsha Bandhan day, she came to my place and took my blessing.

"Dada you are the only one in my life now, who can look after and taken care of me when I am in need"

Many times, I had discussions with her, about life, future etc. She cried a lot, lamented but I can't remove the hatred for society and men from her mind...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

At the receiving end

Both are my friends, and its now very difficult to decide to whom I should favour. Both of them are regularly keeping in touch through think and thin, and are well exposed to all of my friend circles. Confused!!!

Well, the story goes like this, One of my dear friend was supposed to get tie the knot with his childhood love eight years back from now. Unfortunately, that relations falls out due to misunderstanding between the two families. And thus the marriage was canceled for forever. The two love were not in talking terms and thus separated till seven years. In between, this dear friend found a new love and was introduced to me. Being a good friend I become closer and the bonding has developed at a certain. Everything were going smoothly till the first departed love surfaced all of a sudden. Being first love my friend forgive and cleared the misunderstanding. Now the problem is who is going to sacrifice for whom?

In a relationship, the most important thing to maintain is mutual trust and understanding. If once the faith is lost in your love, it will be very difficult to get it back. Sometimes temptation leads to act unfaithful things, I agree, but don't let temptation overcome you. Be faithful to your love, admit it when found yourself at the receiving end.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

To the beggar with a difference

In Manipur, it is very rare to see beggar begging in the market or public places. Its been almost a decade away from now, but still I believe, you could hardly find a beggar in the city there. I still remember, my mother used to give clothing and foods away to people who came once in a year to our house asking alms. They were, in a way beggars, but 99% of them were from hilly areas where their houses were brunt down, and family members were either killed in the communal fighting or get untracheable. Circumstances compelled them to come down to the plain areas and took help to reconstruct their lives.
Here, beggars are like a part of a big and organised business. You can find in every nook and corner of the city. You can't stop your vehicle at any traffic point without disturbances from beggars. In the buses, small children follow a girl or a boy and sing some mixed songs and will force you to give them money. With their horribly dirty fingers, they will pull your shirts to draw your attention, if you protest they can behave like anything. They behave like as if they have someone to protect them.
But this beggar has a very descent behaviour. Whenever I saw him, my hand automatically pulls out a note from my wallet. He must be in his mid sixty. He never forgets to greet before begging and never forgets to acknowledge after taking begs. I have a very bad habit of giving begs only to old women of above sixties. I can't bear the senior citizen coming out to the streets and begging for foods. But except this beggar, I had never given money to men beggars, because I urged myself that they can work and earn a living instead of begging.
This evening, I was returning from attending a "Light and Sound Programme". Since very late and feel very hungry, I asked the auto driver to speed up. When I reached the traffic point of the flyover nearby my place, I asked the auto to halt for some time. I looked around but to my surprise I could not see any beggar around as usual. After crossing the traffic, I asked the driver to stop at a cigarette shop nearby, light up a stick of my brand and inquire about the absence of beggars there. The shop owner said, looking left and right by pulling out his neck outside for a while "Sab, sabko le gaya"...Kisne...."Police ne, commission ka chakker lagta hain..."

Friday, April 3, 2009

Why I am happy today???

Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel! After suffering such a long humiliating and discredit years in struggle, am facing the dawn for the first time. This fine night, am very happy. Why I am happy today...hmmm may be am content with the way my life is shaping up...or is it because of the call I had receive from someone special in the evening with some hidden agenda in the making?...or because of the constant thinking about her...whatever, the bottom line is now I am very happy. I can't go to US of A to write a travelogue; not because I don't have the guts. Or I can't emcee to some talk show(s) to earn popularity. My priority as of now is to finish up the book(s) currently in the making for some time now. I want to publish these two books respectively on September 26 and October 21 this year. Sometimes, we unknowingly commit mistakes that has effect for the whole life. And sometimes, we knowingly commit mistakes that has also effect through out life. Here I would like to urge the judgment proclaimed which reward same punishment for both the mistakes committed. Because of the wrong judgment, an innocent, each of the respective mistake is suffering, at each end. Lets meet someday, and discuss about this confuse thing. Hmmmm... A cup of tea with thick tea leaves does some real magic at this wee hour. Time and tide waits for none, time has gone. Forget all these bulls...t, Lets celebrate today...cuz, am very happy to see myself without a tear in my eyes finally.