Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dilemma of Manipuri Youth

The well educated youths in Manipur face a problem after completing their studies. That is unemployment. Nothing is open. If there is anything, they are private school teachers or loan collectors for so called private banks. And that too the work load is ten times heavier comparing with the salary they get. If someone start thinking of doing their own business, loads of hurdles they have to clear, as the present Manipur society is influence with problems. There is lack of raw materials, market and above all the insecurity the people feel. This is one of the main reason for opting for finding work outside Manipur.

"I personally came to Delhi searching for greener pastor/pasture. I would say that the condition back at home (i.e. Manipur) if not worse is very bad. We don’t have any prospect for a job. And the few that are there are grabbed by people with money and power. There is no prospect for people like us who belong to middle class with no connection" - lamented by a Manipuri student.
"Well, I came here because my parents have become and emotional wreck if I stay there. They are always fearful of me getting killed by either militant or the police. Because that’s the reality there. The greed for some few thousand of money make people a killer there. So, I came here for their sanity" - these are the common answer from most of the Manipuri Students in Delhi.

"One of the main reasons I came here is because I see no prospect of earning money as well as for my career there. Like I was a teacher in private school for two years and they pay me only Rs. 1000 per month. And the duty at school take up all my time which leave me no time for finding or trying for other career option" - Comment by a Manipuri student who is currently pursuing PhD. from a Central University.

"Well, all the system there is corrupted. No hope for common people like us. On one hand is the police/politician/govt. and on the other hand the militant. Its like choosing between the lesser devil. So, I came here to get more exposure as well as to make a life of myself." Another heartbreaking answer from a student of DU.

"I am a mature adult now who can think of its own. And I feel the need to fulfill my responsibilities towards my parents. And I see no way of fulfilling any of those living there. The govt. jobs are less and costly while the private one have no prospect. If, even I work at a call centre here I can earn around Rs. 10000 which I can support myself as well give a portion to my parents." - A call centre Executive from Manipur.

There is very less scope to explore there at Manipur. And above these there is the problem of militant with the government. Every other day there is band and general strike. And every machinery have become stagnant and corrupted. There is no possibility of making a respectable life. All these situations have made the youths to come outside the state and try out something new.
Well, there must be a way. We need to corporate each other, with Government, with NGOs, with every responsible local clubs/organisations for a better tomorrow. Its right time for all of us to work together to get rid of such dilemma.


  1. A man is frustrated when he could not live upto the standard of the present. Instead of bring solution he becomes part of the problem. He should not live in dilemma, he should initiate for the better/

  2. I agree with you that one should initiate himself for a better instead of being succumbed to the problem. But "the present" which you mentioned here is so diluted with evil things that no one can utter a single line against them...