Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is it good to confess all your past to your new love?

A beginning must be fresh in all aspect...You can lie today and can even manage somehow for the day, but one day when the truth comes out, you will have a tough time in explaining. It takes time to build a comfortable level in a relationship. If once you reach that level, everything can be compromised except infidelity.

Well, everybody has their past, someone has good ending, some other has horrible. At a maximum, most of the endings were of tragedy. Family issues, infidelity, caste, jealousy, possessiveness...list is too long. But the winner is leaving behind all the past and moving ahead with a new life, because life should go on.

Here comes the question "is it good to confess all our past to our new love?" And the answer is definitely yes!!! See, now you are going to start a new relationship leaving behind your troublesome past, here if you still commit the same mistakes than very soon this new relationship will have a bad ending.

Solution is just simple, share all your past and confess if anything offendable had committed in the past...your love will understand you and at your surprise you will get more love in return. If your love turn away after your confession, don't think you have committed a mistake, just chill... that one is not the one which you are waiting for. Wait and watch, don't be hurry...there is nothing as such of late in beginning a good relationship in real term.

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