Friday, February 6, 2009

New life new beginning

Now I am recovering from a biggest trauma in my life. The pain undergone during this phase has taught me a great lesson. A miss call at midnight has changed my life forever. Sometimes I wondered what would happen to my life if I were in a party outdoor that night as I normally do! Fortunately, my land line phone has caller Id, and I was writing, trying to complete a story on that lucky mid night. The phone rang just once, but the bell suddenly diverted my attention. Angrily I looked at the phone call history and to my surprise the call was from the most unexpected...Leaving behind all the chaotic and unorganised life style, finally I am breathing in the most beautiful part of my life. The day which I have been waiting for the last many years is finally here with me. Life is very beautiful if you are able to enjoy every bit of your life...

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