Friday, April 3, 2009

Why I am happy today???

Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel! After suffering such a long humiliating and discredit years in struggle, am facing the dawn for the first time. This fine night, am very happy. Why I am happy today...hmmm may be am content with the way my life is shaping up...or is it because of the call I had receive from someone special in the evening with some hidden agenda in the making?...or because of the constant thinking about her...whatever, the bottom line is now I am very happy. I can't go to US of A to write a travelogue; not because I don't have the guts. Or I can't emcee to some talk show(s) to earn popularity. My priority as of now is to finish up the book(s) currently in the making for some time now. I want to publish these two books respectively on September 26 and October 21 this year. Sometimes, we unknowingly commit mistakes that has effect for the whole life. And sometimes, we knowingly commit mistakes that has also effect through out life. Here I would like to urge the judgment proclaimed which reward same punishment for both the mistakes committed. Because of the wrong judgment, an innocent, each of the respective mistake is suffering, at each end. Lets meet someday, and discuss about this confuse thing. Hmmmm... A cup of tea with thick tea leaves does some real magic at this wee hour. Time and tide waits for none, time has gone. Forget all these bulls...t, Lets celebrate today...cuz, am very happy to see myself without a tear in my eyes finally.

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