Tuesday, June 30, 2009

...that stream is stagnant now...

Its late, but still trying to figure out why am feeling restlessness! Tried to close my eyes in this big, cool and silent room. Something missing? right? Must be feeling uneasiness without a call or a talk...but I can neither confess nor admit at all. I am yet to recover from the big fat liar...

Someone has drawn a line, not to cross, or never to try.

I never used to be like this...ok now I admit. Loosing temper and shouting at every time...do I...really???
A relationship must bring out the best in between the two love, but in my case it seems that I just bring the worst in her. And I can't handle it anymore...So all I can say is that it will be better if we part our way here. This is the best solution I can give now. I must be crowding your space that's why every time you keep on shouting at me and I don't like people shouting at me...chapter closed!!!

From this closed chapter begins the not-yet-titled...

Time heals everything. Its been long that I haven't take a break from my work. Hectic schedules and hurried life; more cigarettes, less food; boring attire,...yaar, life should be rocking. What the hell is this?
Humming a love song, with great fantasy...late at this hour I am trying to catch some sleep, so that at least I can have a glimpse of you at my dream. I wish, I could welcome you with open arms...

Call me stupid, idiot...tolamu,
but the truth is I can't show you that much of my sensibility as you are expecting from me. And remember my dear, I hate speaking half-baked truth, so don't force me to answer the unanswered question[s].


  1. so much of anger, so much of pain, I could see in your words....take time out for yourself and spend a good time. nurture the dream which owe to live in life...don't prepare for a war within yourself..n spoil the valuable lives of you two..it is better you think for the best solution to settle down btw you too...when the time is not too late..

  2. Thank you Chaoba for the comment,

    It is sometimes difficult to cope the differences with love, perhaps I may right to conclude that its part of it.