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Anglo-Manipur Treaty, 1833

Agreement between Rajah Gumbheer Singh and Commissioner F.J. Grant.

The Governor General and Supreme Council of Hindoosthan declare as follows:-
With regard to the two ranges of Hills, the one called the Kalanaga Range, and the other called Noonjai Range, and the western bend of the Barak, we will give up all claim on the part of the Honourable Company thereunto and we will make these hills over in possession to the Rajah and give him the line of the Jeeree and the western bend of the Barak as a boundary, provided that the Rajah agrees to the whole of what in written in this paper, which is as follows:-
1st : The Rajah will agreeably to instruction received, without delay, remove his thanna from Chandrapore and establish it on the eastern bank of the Jeeree.
2nd : The Rajah will in no way obstruct the trade carried on between the two countries by Bengali or Munnipooree merchants. He will exact heavy duties, and he will make a monopoly of no articles of merchandise whatsoever.
3rd : The Rajah will in no way prevent the Naga inhabiting the Kalanaga and Noon jai Ranges of Hills from selling or bartering ginger, cotton, pepper and every other article, the produce of their country in the plains of Cachar, at the Banskandee and Oodharban bazars, as has been their custom.
4th : With regard to the road commencing from the eastern bank of Jeeree and continued via Kalanaga and Kowpoom, as far as the valley of Munnipore after this road has been finished, the Rajah will keep it in repairs so as to enable laden bullocks to pass during the cold and dry seasons. Further, at the making of the road, if British officers be sent to examine as superintend the same the Rajah will agree to everything these officers may suggest.
5th : With reference to the intercourse already existing between the territories of the British Government and those of the Rajah, if the intercourse be further extended, it will be well in every respect and it will be highly advantageous to both the Rajah and his country. In order, therefore that this may speedily take place, the Rajah, at the requisition of the British Government, will furnish a quota of Nagas to assist at the construction of the road.
6th: In the event of war with the Burmese, if troops be sent to Munnipore either to protect that country as to advance beyond the Ningthee, the Rajah, at the requisition of the British Government, will provide Hill porters to assist in transporting the ammunition and baggage of such troops.
7th: The Rajah will be answerable for all the ammunition he receives from the British Government, and will, for the information of the British Government, give in every month a statement of expenditure to the British Officer attached to the Levy.

I, Shree Joot Gumbheer Singh of Munnipore, agree to all that is written above in this paper sent by the Supreme Council.

Geo. Gordon, Lieut.       
Adjutant, Gumbheer Singh’s Levy           

Shree Joot Rajah
Gumbheer Singh

F.J. Grant

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