Friday, January 23, 2009

Don't do different things to prove your love..but do things differently

Having someone other than your family to love and taken care of you is something which is very nice and precious. Not all are lucky when discussion is on "being in love." Remember that you have only one life. Get the best out of it. There is nothing as such of meeting your love in your next and so... This time if you once miss your love, you will miss forever. It is true, and I agree completely with Harison Ford that "Big changes in our lives are more or less a second chance". Every relationship has a good beginning, I must say. But all are not guaranteed that they will end as well that of beginning. I have seen many break up due to misunderstanding. But I have seen less, people getting back to their ex. Before axing, think twice, or analyze, if he or she is your Right!!! It is very difficult to find true love, if you get and able to realize, don't let him/her go. Its now your turn to make big changes in yourself. No need to climb Himalaya or as such to declare your true love. Love is something which can only be feel through caring, accepting and fulfilling petty petty demands, making changes in yourself, giving surprises with gifts, and most important to be always around. Make only those promises which are possible for you to keep, and if once promise, keep it. Don't praise which don't really meant, but praise which really meant, and make it a point to praise at the beginning of your meeting for the day. It will make a great difference.

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