Sunday, January 18, 2009

Its the LOVE that is most IMPORTANT...

For the last three four months, most of my friends are talking about fidelity and infidelity in a relationship. Many relationships are broken only because of infidelity. When judging of fidelity or infidelity comes, men seem to be better, as women's inferences are not all correct. When I broke up my ten years old relationship last year, I know how heartache it is. It was a very painful moment in my life that I never ever tried to bring back her in my life, fearing another break up. Life must go on, and I make myself believe in this principle. But when it comes about patching up of a broken relationship, I wont go against them....even though getting back your old flame is not that much easy.....if you feel and think about her always, and really mean some love left still, it is not bad in making another effort!!!
How many times, did you try and were not successful in bringing your ex love? Or still keep on thinking that your love will come back to your life with the course of life? NO! it wont happen like that if you don't give your sincere effort. If you really wanna bring your ex-lover back to your life, you need to give some extra effort. Try to analyze deeply, recollect the incidents, and find the reason behind your break up. Analyze the mistake(s).
Be sure, you are ready to forgive your ex or your ex does forgive you by letting past is past. Otherwise there is no point in going back. Both of you must learn from your mistakes. Remember, its the love that is most most ready from now and make up your mind, there is no use of wasting your time if you really think you can bring you ex back in your life. Because everybody want to go back to those happy times in their life. If you are happy with your ex, go ahead!!!
A whole life of smooth sailing is not possible at all in a relationship. So dont feel confused for taking such a difficult challenges. Do all the possible things with action to prove that you are really changed and past mistakes wont repeat again...It is very important to remember those things which both of you enjoyed doing together. Do those things again in the presence of your ex, and let her feel what are missing out on by not being with you. You wont believe, these things will remain him/her how good when both of you used to be in your past relationship. The emotional intimacy during these times can strengthen your restrained relationship and be sure some surprising moments will emerge from such emotional bonding.
If the mistakes are from the man's side, they need to do a lot of petty things. A man can be taught to reach out and be sensitive to his lover's need, as most of the women had a preoccupied belief that their lovability is measured by the affection they used to receive from their boyfriend. Coming together with many difficulties can enable them in developing a strong bonding and will help them in becoming a relationship of depth and substance. You must develop such a strong sense of responsibility while trying to bring her back in your life that you can stand up to the fiercest storms, confidently proclaiming "I can do it for you".
Love is love, there is no boundary at all, but the most difficult stage is when the sweetest love turns out to be the bittiest love. These days when a woman feels dissatisfied in her relationship, she doesn't just suck it up and complain to her friends while shedding copious tears, like we used to find in cinema. The style is outdated now. Todays woman has changed with the times, and so has her definition of a successful relationship. If you don't act today tomorrow will be too late.

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