Thursday, March 5, 2009

The power of love

After almost three years of no-where-about, suddenly come into contact with her. She has undergone many changes, like, now knows how to make her face beauty, wooing others with single liners, maturity in decision making...list is a little bit long my dear. One thing which I observe, that seems remain stagnant, is her temper... Her Temper!!! Oh My God!

Somehow I came to know about her break-up with her long time lover, (source...she as well as her colleagues). Feel good, that guy wasn't the right one for her.

I strongly opine, why should we bind ourself to a so called "love relationship" when the relationship wasn't meant for? Why should we do stupid things and compromise when the relationship is not working?

If you are not happy with the present relationship, go to the root and find out. I will be very happy spending a moment happily with my love than spending twenty years with someone whom I don't love or am forced to act like being in love. Forget about rich or poor, popular or ill-famed, educated or layman...when you once fall in love, your life will be always on cloud number 9.

The picture of life starts when you meet your love. Quite often, the past doesn't matter in between true love... Let me conclude, now she seems very happy, laughing when alone, and eagerly waiting for the next moment, expecting sweet messages from the murmuring air...

I must admit, I am happy, very very happy, to see you happy.

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