Thursday, March 5, 2009

Miss you dear

"My final decision is that I have always love you, I love you and will always love you"...

This line drive me crazy, but whats really written in our fate can't be changed, as normally says by one and all. I still remember that day, when she wasn't around me for the first time. I felt like crying, but there were a lot of friends around, so I tried to control myself, but I wasn't able to put on hold of my tears. They started pouring like water flowing down with strong forces in a waterfall. I suddenly left that place and run as must fast as possible in a park or say in an open meadow nearby, round after round. Tears were replaced by sweat. That moisture coming out through the pores of my skin got mixed up with the tears. And finally, thanks God, there were a brief rain for a while, and I was successful in hiding my tears.

Oh my love, oh my dear, today in the evening, there is again come the rain, remembering you, standing at the balcony, with arms raising out, collected some drops in my hand which was once busy in holding your hand, and sprinkle at the face.

Oh dear oh my love, I wish you were again in front of me...When you were around me, I never valued your love, but when you are not here, I realise the value of your love.

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