Saturday, May 9, 2009

...and the story goes on and on...

You say something against him and he will say something against you. She will pull out a new version, and you will clarify it till you are fed up of all the stuff and start twisting with another tale. Come on dear, enough is enough, learn punctuation once again and practice better where to ink full stop. In old good times, you were occupied in praising someone, but when the same equations are no more, still you are occupied in pulling down the very person. Shame on you babe...

What is the use of involving the innocent parent only to get some mileage! You want the same importance, same respect, same dignity...but you don't want to work hard. Do only little work but make huge claim/sound...what a formula, huh!

Stop riding on your [dim] ego. Expect less 'self importance' from others, your love is suffocating, free it. Stop creating scenes. Or don't involve me in it. Why you are wasting your precious time in spreading rumour that too using someone's clean image? Be honest to yourself, leadership comes ...not earned on bad mouthing. TRULY, You are sick babe!

Admit that you are doing wrong. Learn from your failure, let it be your stepping stone to the success. Stop moving from pillar to post and blame someone for your failure, that won't earn you a descent favour. You are happy dominating your lover, with some borrowed lines to seduce. Just shut up your mouth. Don't come in front of me, or you will get a thunderous slap on your face...both side!

Beg pardon, don't be!!! hmmm....Sabah!!!....jaise or..... Adnam "ko lift karade"!!!


  1. what is this??? why r you so angry?? with whom?? i just wish it is a story? not in real life :)

  2. Thank you Chaoba for the comment,

    A moment, a sudden gust...nothing official