Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Try to be always around your love when in need.

She was very happy, literally. All the office mates present in the party were praising her, complementing her new look in the new dress. Though returned a smile to all who were complementing her, she was not happy inside. She was missing something....., yes she was missing me, her only love.
That must around 11 am that she rang me up. As it was the pick hour of my office, I was a little bit arrogant in attending the call. In a very jolly mood she greeted me, but after my cruel answer, she, after a short silence said ...
"busy? ok carry on, I was just missing you, so I call you up, ok sorry for disturbing you at office hour. Bye"...

After she hang up the call, I returned back to my work. But something seemed wrong, and I was not able to concentrate on my work. Standing at the lobby of my office, lit a cigarette and call her up. Someone attended the call but she was not there. Her friend finally found her sitting quietly at the nearby garden. In between, her friend narrated the beauty of the spot where they were enjoying their office picnic, and how they were enjoying with their special ones.

Well, you must be busy most of the time in your office. Its obvious that you are working for money, at the end of the month, your pay cheque matters. But sometimes may you need to spare some of your valuable mortgaged time out to fulfill your love demand. Petty things are very much important in keeping the relationship going.

Thousands of complements may come in your way but until and unless your love one complement you, all the others seem valueless. If something excites you all of a sudden and you don't feel the need to inform your love immediately at that moment, BELIEVE me, you are not in true love. Telling thousand times a day "I LOVE YOU" doesn't mean you are proving your love, you need to be always around your love when in need. Try to be always around your love when in need yaar.

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