Saturday, July 4, 2009

Just hope, one more time

Patching up an already bizarre relationship needs honesty with determination. Forget about who you are, what are your achievements, what you have done,...just remember, your goal is to woo back your love. For a moment, shed off your EGO, just don't need your bank balance, credit cards, cars, properties or honours.

If you value the relationship, just don't hesitate to say sorry, even if the mistake was not from your side. The person is your love, don't feel inferior for the "sorry" you had offered; you can take back your apology if you were not wrong, only after the relationship is back to normal. Just remember the smile, petty petty things that you shared together in happier times...just forget the dirty words uttered while fighting, or the arrogant attitude shown in bad times.

Well, you have done a good job, got recognition and appreciation. You have a bright future now too. But life is not all about politics my dear. Just remember who help you in reaching up to this position!
Patch up, and chill out together in this deadly summer to a nice and cool place. Your simple one word 'SORRY' will pay you back thousands of cosy moments. Its late but not too late. Better late than never.


  1. Chingkhei,
    Sometimes saying sorry is also too difficult. And more so when the other person is just not willing to reconcile. Anyways I would endorse to your views on this issue.

    By the way thank you so much for reading my poems so sincerely and giving such indepth comments. I really appreciate your comments on the poem Unburdening the Death Spirits. Indeed i intensely felt romantic when the idea of the poem erupted within me. Yet there was a lurking hesitation on letting ourselves go so freely in terms of indulgence in intimacy with man. I was trying to juxtapose the desire and the taboo.
    please continue to read my poem and give comments.

  2. Hi Shreema,
    Thanks for the comment and appreciation,
    I feel that it is our perception and attachment that really causes suffering.


  3. yeah, saying a sorry is easy and it is worth if it can bring the same relation back to you. But what is the worth of saying sorry to a person who did not even understand his own fault. I won't ever give further effort to wake up a person who is actually not sleeping. Difficult to say but I would prefer to suffer alone and walk ahead with that pain irrespective of how close we were and what does he meant to my life. There is no worth crying for a person who just love seeing you in pain and your value is nothing but you are just some kind of need to him... definitely, it is not about ego but more about respecting the self which is more important to live, love and breath..