Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Conspiracy - modern avatar

After so many years, months and days of silence in our friendship, he call me up on a lethargic Sunday morning. Unexpected it was...really. Talked for a while, topic ranging from Ibobi's govt. to rising mercury in Delhi to ash in Iceland. Incoming has no bill so I attended without bothering his bill.
But nothing comes in free nowadays...he was talking endlessly because there was someone to pay his mobile bill...for a while I forgot his nature...talking after so many years that's why!!! A genuine rival is better than a factitious friend...a lesson after the mobile talk.
After a lengthy diversion, he took a U turn and asked me about my feelings towards my ex-love. After opening the closed clogging, all of my discontentment and condemnation flush out...loose self control... till the call was off. He recorded our talk using his latest mobile, equipped with latest technology...and presented to my ex-love.
Even my enemy cannot do this. I make up my mind...I spoke only the truth and "the truth" doesn't need to remember or memorize...
I have no baggage for my past, am quite happy with my present ...why should I bother about the nightmare again and again!...the bottom line mantra yielded: NO LOOKING BACK...!

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