Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Question of Being

Target is too high, close friends and associates say I won't. I replied nothing. I truly believe in result, let me carry out the target set, and let my result be their answer. I love consulting with friends and associates about pros and cons before delving into a project. I value their comments, suggestions, and most important, association.

Sometimes, pessimist view make us divide our resolute mind, not at all as one might say, but at least for a while. We can't ignore even, at the same time, we can't digest criticism as well. Criticism and pessimism can't be termed as poles apart, or part and parcel in the same league.

Dis-tractors are in your way, uninvited though, and it is your sole responsibility to face without loosing your cool and self confidence. It is only when you develop the ability to listen anything from them unconditionally, keeping your ego aside, that you can be assured of being declared you are committed to your work.

Can you count how many times you encounter difficulties in a year or in 52 weeks, or in 365 days, or in 8760 hrs, or in 525600 minutes or in 31536000 seconds? No, not possible, because you encountered innumerable times of difficulties, thousands of dis-tractors causing you tensions. But you can forget everything in a second when you reap the desire results for the work and the goal you sought.

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